Melinda and I are so happy that you are where you are: at this Welcome Page and being intentional about growing. As one of the pastors at Christway, I want to be the first to say, "Welcome." We pray for you, plan for you, and look forward to the opportunity to journey together as fellow travelers.

Christway is focused in three areas:

  • Salvation through connection with Christ
  • Freedom through connection with others
  • Redemption through connection with purpose

We are never asking God to be a part of what we're doing, but we pray that we will be a part of what He is already doing.  It is our privilege to join His vision for our community.

The videos you can view and the pictures you see on this website are faces of those you'll be walking with, worshipping with, talking with, and praying with.  It's a beautiful community of loving people. About Us will give you some personal testimonials. Discovery will share the on-ramp to Christway. Media will give you a sense of the morning messages and some of our focus series. We hope these are helpful to show you if Christway would be a next step for you on your journey of discipleship.

All the Best.

Andy Smith