DISCOVERY is our on-ramp for membership and service at Christway. 

The class meets in a single session quarterly from approximately 9am-3pm. The session is designed to help you take a step toward God's plan for your life.  The ultimate goal of Discovery is to help you experience true fulfillment by connecting with a group of people where your life can touch the lives of others.

Discovery 1.0 - Discovering Christway will help get better acquainted with the story, structure, vision, and values of Christway.

Discovery 2.0 - Discovering Jesus and the Gospel aims to help you better understand the vitality of Jesus' heart and why the Gospel is truly good news.

Discovery 3.0 - Discovering Discipleship strives to help you identify and internalize the habits of a healthy Christian life.

Discovery 4.0 - Discovering Myself aids you in self-discovery and understanding how your personal and spiritual makeup reveals a path to your God-created purpose. Through that, we can find out more about the fulfillment that comes from redemption.

Register with us today for the next Discovery class!  Please put "Discovery" in the subject box.